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What is stabilized moss?

Stabilized moss, also known as "Yagel", "Norwegian moss" is a natural material used to decorate the interior space of premises.

Also used to create 3D layouts and in floristry. The peculiarity of the material lies in the long-term preservation of natural softness, as well as the color acquired as a result of the stabilization and coloring process.

The raw material for stabilized moss is some types of mosses and lichens. The most spectacular view for decorating space is achieved by stabilizing lichens from the genus Cladonia, especially those belonging to the species Cladonia stellaris (this species belongs to those types of lichens that are known under the collective name "reindeer lichen").

The most common place to collect is Rendal, Norway, which is why it is also called "Norwegian moss".

The collection of reindeer lichen for further stabilization is carried out manually, taking into account a careful attitude to the environment. Soil, which is easily amenable to external influence, is treated with care, making sure that as little traces of human interference as possible remain during collection.

The natural softness of the material is achieved through a stabilization process.

There are several recipes for stabilization, where the components differ slightly from each other.

One of the first stabilization formulas was patented in New York in 1949.

The stabilization formula has also been used to stabilize flower buds and thin-leaved plants.

One of the options for stabilization processes: replace the vegetable juice with a glycerin solution or a solution of mineral salts.

These technologies allow you to preserve the appearance, softness, texture, freshness and beauty of the plant for several years.

Depending on the composition of the solution used to stabilize the moss cells, it can retain its beautiful appearance for up to 20 years.

5 helpful tips for maintaining stabilized moss:

- air humidity should be above 40%. Moss needs moisture, otherwise it loses its attractive appearance, becomes dull, lethargic and tough. You can return to the natural look by humidifying the air; for this procedure, a household humidifier or a bowl of water is used, which should stand near the plants. Moss products should be placed away from the air conditioner and heat radiator, as they dry out the air;

- once a month, dust should be removed, in this case, a cold airflow will help to effectively and quickly cope with the task;

- do not allow water to get on the surface of plants, it negatively affects the appearance of plants;

- protect the moss from direct sunlight, which adversely affects the color brightness and softness of the moss;

- avoid mechanical or tactile contact with plants, as its top may be damaged as a result of this, the appearance will suffer.

Compliance with the above recommendations for caring for moss in an office environment will help preserve brightness and natural beauty for a long time. In an apartment or a country house, products from various plants look stylish and original. Stabilized moss is suitable for bedroom, bathroom, nursery and other indoor decor.

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