Candles "Coffee"

Coffee is one of the most popular and beloved drinks in the world. More than 600 billion cups a year are drunk by the world's population, and this is according to the most conservative estimates.

Coffee is made from the beans of the coffee tree or coffee bush.

But coffee is popular not only as a drink, popular aromas of perfumes are made from coffee, and in Japan spa salons offer to take a bath filled with coffee, it is worth dwelling separately on the aroma of coffee.

The aroma of coffee is one of the three favorite aromas of people on the whole planet, and even those who prefer tea to this drink love it.

Scientists from all over the planet are studying what effect the aroma of coffee has on humans. According to the results of the studies, scientists have found that coffee aroma enhances immunity, stimulates brain activity, has a relaxing and calming effect, and improves well-being.

Research has also shown that coffee aroma is able to activate genes that are suppressed due to lack of sleep. The aroma of coffee is also known to evoke joyful feelings and good memories. This may help explain why we love the smell of coffee.

Research conducted by scientists shows that coffee aroma increases alertness and energy, increases productivity and improves the performance of various tasks.

We could not ignore such popularity.

Especially for coffee lovers, we have created a new line of products - "Coffee" candles.

We offer candles with coffee beans, candles with natural coffee aromas.

Handmade candles with coffee

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