Beeswax candles

We offer you the most beautiful, unique and natural wax candles.

Our handmade candles are made from environmentally friendly wax foundation.

What is wax foundation in general?

Wax foundation or honeycomb base is the basis for the construction of honeycombs, which is a thin rectangular sheet of wax with squeezed out cell bottoms.

In fact, wax foundation is a thin sheet of wax with hexagonal cell bottoms pressed onto them from both sides.

Initially, wax foundation was used exclusively to accelerate the detachment of honeycombs, which led to a faster development of the bee colony and its productivity.

But later, wax foundation, like wax, due to its uniqueness, natural origin and versatility, has found its application in many other industries and products. Also for making handmade candles

How is wax foundation made?

The wax foundation is made from natural beeswax.

The wax foundation is obtained by applying (engraving) the configuration of the bottom of the honeycomb on a thin wax tape.

Our candles are made from natural wax foundation using the rolling method.

How are wax candles made by rolling?

A wick is laid on a sheet of wax foundation so that not most of it looks out from one edge. After that, the sheets of wax foundation are slowly twisted and, under the influence of the warmth of the hands, slowly form the intended shape of a candle of the required thickness and design.

Rolled beeswax candles

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