Incense holder

The benefits of aromas and the effect of smells on human health and the state of his mental balance have been known to mankind since ancient times.

The aromatization of premises has been used for thousands of years and later it grew into a kind of alternative medicine - aromatherapy.

With the help of incense, you can get rid of fatigue and stress, headaches, strengthen sleep or simply relax, it is also an excellent aphrodisiac.

The technology for making incense sticks is as follows: it is based on a small bamboo stick, which is soaked for a sufficiently long time with essential oil.

Components such as cedar, pine, sandalwood, jasmine and lotus are often used in their manufacture.

The main thing is to choose the scent that suits you best.

We, in turn, offer you our exclusive and unique coasters for handmade aroma sticks.

Our stick holders and / or stands for aroma sticks will not only protect your furniture, they can add flavor to your interior.

Not only do we have many different designs, we offer the largest selection of color palettes from standard gray to multi-color, this will allow our products to fit into any design.

And if you don’t find your favorite among our handmade concrete incense stick holders, we can make holders for you according to your design.

Handmade incense holder

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