Palm wax candles

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Palm wax candles are environmentally friendly due to their unique raw materials.

Palm wax is made from edible palm oil.

How is palm wax made?

Palm wax is made from the fruits of the palm trees of South America and Asia.

The oil palm produces fruits in bundles that are harvested and sent to the palm oil plant. The oils are extracted, sterilized, refined and converted into crude palm oil. The crude palm oil is sent to the palm oil refinery.

The main types of palm wax are produced by cooling the oil and pressing it to separate the high melting point wax.

In order to obtain a complex crystalline wax, the oil is hydrogenated (as in the production of margarine).

Palm oil is distilled without the use of chemicals. In the case of conventional palm wax, the oil is hydrogenated into wax, the process itself does not require harmful chemicals. Certified organic palm wax is obtained by distillation and then cooling and oil separation, this process also does not require any inorganic substances.

How is palm wax used

It is non-toxic, so it is widely used to create glossy finishes in car wax, shoe polish, dental floss, food products such as candy, apples (that look polished), polishes, wax and varnish for wood floors and furniture and others. Because of its hypoallergenic and emollient properties, as well as its shine, wax is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic formulations, where it is used as a thickener in lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, shadows, various care products skin and hair, etc. Also used in medicine as a coating of drugs in the form of tablets.

And one of the widest uses of palm wax is found in the manufacture of environmentally friendly handmade candles.

Palm wax is very hard, smooth and dry. 

It can withstand the summer heat without issue and is not greasy to the touch.

It is a very hard wax, but incredibly light and brittle.

When cooled, gives candles the effect of an ice crystal.

Palm wax candles burning longer.

Palm wax candles

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